Thursday’s Swim technique session

Swim T e chnique Session – 8-9pm Thursday, Braunstone Leisure Centre

Out of the three disciplines that make up triathlon, the swim is the one that requires the most focus on technique. Accordingly, each Thursday, one of the club’s qualified coaches gives a one hour session designed to improve an athlete’s swim stroke.

The content of the session varies from week to week, with an overall emphasis on identifying the weakness in a particular athlete’s stroke and giving visualisation techniques and drills to improve that area.

Aspects covered include, but are not limited to, perfecting the catch and the pull (the underwater phase of the stroke), ensuring a more streamlined and therefore efficient position in the water and optimising an athlete’s breathing technique. Specialist sessions such as tumble turn tutorials are offered periodically (notice of these is posted in advance on the club’s Facebook page).

Swimmers of all levels from novice to advanced are welcome, though we do ask that attendees be able to swim 100m front crawl (4 lengths of a 25m pool) without stopping.


This session is held at Braunstone Leisure Centre.

Time: Thursday evening at 8pm-9pm

Duration: 1 hour

Cost: £4 on the day or less if a pre-payment card is used.

What to bring to the session: swim kit, including goggles.