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Please note that these sessions are sometimes cancelled or changed. It is best to join the Club Facebook page and check the recent posts there – the group leader always posts during the week before to let members know the arrangements for the session.


Monday – Group Ride (summer season only)

As soon as the days get longer and the weather warms up we get on the road. This is a social ride open to all abilities. There is no coached session as members have created this event which has proved popular over the years. It is designed to introduce new riders to riding in groups and enjoying the outdoors. The distances vary starting from approximately 12 miles and increases as the summer goes on. No one gets left behind and new routes always welcome.  Check on the Club Facebook page whether the ride is happening each week, as sometimes other events or weather conditions mean it doesn’t go ahead.

A great social event to meet other members.

This session starts from Enderby Leisure Centre

Time: 7:00pm

Duration: Varied – dependant on distance and ability

Cost: Free

Wednesday – Group Run
Gareth Thurman organises guided group night runs at Bradgate Park. Runs differ each week in route and length, but all incorporate hill(s). Distance is between 4-7 miles.
Kit required: trail/cross-country shoes and a head torch (although he does have a few to lend out)
The route is posted on the LTC Club Facebook page on the preceding Sunday or Monday each week.

Meet at Newton Linford by the shops ready for a prompt 6.30pm start.
Time 6:30pm
Cost: Free

Phentermine Online Doctor

Sunday morning group ride from Cosby

Sunday – Group Ride

A club ride frequently takes place on a Sunday morning, with the group setting off from the Bull’s Head pub in Cosby at 0900. The ride is around 45 miles in length, and includes two sharp hills with a gradient of 10% or over, together with several fast flat sections. In total there is around 2000ft of climbing over the route, and the pace usually averages between 16 and 18 mph. The group often recovers in the local cafe after the ride.  On weekends where the ride is taking place, David Gorley, or another member if David is not available, will post on Facebook earlier in the week, notifying members of the ride.  Please check on the Club Facebook page whether the ride is on each week – XC races and weather conditions mean is doesn’t happen every week.

Meet at the Bull’s Head pub in Cosby.

Time 9.00am

Cost: Free

Sunday – Group Run (NOT TAKING PLACE THIS 2016-2017 SEASON )

Tiffany Mackness organises a guided group runs at Bradgate Park. Runs differ each week in route and length, but all incorporate hill(s). Distance is between 4-7 miles.

Kit required: trail/cross-country shoes.

Phentermine Diet Pills For Cheap

Group Run at Bradgate Park

Meet at Bradgate Park, Newton Linford Car Park Entrance.

Time 9.00am

Cost: Free