Leicester Junior Triathlon Club

Leic Tri Junior

Leic Tri Juniors at The Inter Regional Championships

Who are we?

We are the junior section of Leicester Triathlon Club, based at and around Enderby Leisure Centre in Leicester.  We have approximately 40 members ranging from 8 to 16, and 4 British Triathlon Federation (BTF) qualified coaches, all of whom are volunteers.  We are well known throughout the East Midlands for our zebra stripes.

What are our aims?

Our aim is to enable as many children as possible, from all walks of life (including those with special requirements), to experience the thrill and exhilaration of competing in one of the most demanding, yet rewarding sports there is.  Part of this aim is that the financial position of any family should not be a barrier to participation, and hence our costs to parents are kept to an absolute minimum.

What do we do?

We provide a variety of training session for our athletes – open water and pool training for the swim discipline, technical and stamina sessions for the bike along with running when time permits.  In the summer much of our training is outdoors (apart from pool sessions) but when winter arrives, our training moves indoors with cycle training on turbo trainers and rollers.  We also ensure that our young athletes get to experience a wide range of associated activities, such as time trials and helping out at other Triathlon events.

Visit the Junior Club’s own website: www.leicesterjuniortriathlonclub.co.uk for more information.


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