KING LEAR LAKE SWIMMING – we are pleased to announce that the club open-water swimming sessions will be starting next week on Saturday 11th May (8-9.30am). Wednesday evening sessions will start at 6.30-8pm on 15th May. Check out the information on the Open-water swimming training page for more details.

We also need people to help with the safety duties by signing up on the volunteer rota (volunteers must be over 16yrs, and will be paid £12 expenses). here’s the link to the rota:…

King Lear lake swim times changing

King Lear lake swimming – From Wednesday 5th September the Wednesday evening sessions will start at the earlier time of 6pm.  The Saturday sessions remain unchanged (8-9.30am)

Change to Thursday sessions

From Thursday 8th December, the two Thursday night swim sessions at Braunstone Leisure Centre will run simultaneously, in one hour session starting at 8pm. There will be some lanes dedicated to the endurance session and a couple/few lanes dedicated to the technique session. The coaches will manage the number of lanes applied to each depending on numbers but it’s likely to be 5-6 lanes for Twiggy’s endurance session and 2-3 for the technique sessions.

The Yoga session will be moved from 8-9pm to 9-10pm so that people can still do both.

Until this time (8th December) the sessions will continue as usual – 8-9pm technique and 9-10pm endurance swim with Twiggy.





Flashman Results

The results for the Leicester Flashman Triathlon are now available.