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John Kemp is our running guru, with a wealth of experience. John will put you through your paces combining technique and speed. John varies his sessions with different track distances adding in hill reps approximately every 6 weeks to build stamina and strength.

Clock your times and watch yourself improve week after week. This session is great for all abilities, and will guarantee to help with your times.

This session is not a ‘Leicester Triathlon Club session’, as such, and therefore is open to members and non-members alike – the more the merrier!  The group meets at the picnic tables next to the track finish line opposite the stands from 7pm and starts with warm-up laps of the track.

No need to book – just come along and join in!


This session is held at Saffron Lane Athletics Track

Time: Tuesdays at 7:00pm

Duration: 1 hour

Cost:£4.00 – paid at the Clubhouse, for use of the track

What to bring to the session: Usual running kit.