The BTF coaching structure is split into a number of levels each with their own level of responsibility. Below are the Leicester Triathlon Club coaches and the current BTF level achieved.

David Gorley (Head Coach) – BTF Level 2,

Richard Chipps – BTF Level 3, ASA level 2 teacher ASA level 3 development coach, disability coaching qualified

Kieron Ford – BTF Level 2

Samantha Rankin – BTF Level 2

Martin Burder – BTF Level 2

Matthew Haynes – BTF Level 1

Ewan Eaton – BTF Level 1

Bee Furber – BTF Level 1

Vonnie Ingham – BTF Level 1

Elly Pullen – BTF Level 1


If you are interested in getting involved in club coaching, please speak to one of the coaches.