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The race club calendar list events where the club will be represented by quite a few members. If you are a new member – please don’t be shy! Get involved with races – it’s a great way to get to know other members.

Phentermine 37.5 Mg Cheap, Buy Adipex With Paypal

An explanation of the event type is below the list of events.

Park Run Phentermine Online Doctor

Park Run, register once and print your bar code. Turn and run. Show your finishing tag and bar code to the marshal at the end. The Club takes part in the Park Run on the 1st Saturday of the Month, and usually meets afterwards for Coffee and Breakfast.

LRRL league races – see Phentermine Diet Pills For Cheap

Derby XC races – see Order Phentermine 30 Mg

Leicester Marathon and Half Marathon Sunday 15th October 2017 Where To Buy Phentermine In Memphis Tn


Triathlon Races

A few of the races we expect several of our members to be competing in:


26th March : East Leake “Start of Season” Triathlon

Usually the first race of the season, which usually finds a lot of Zebras on the start list. It is a local pool based sprint triathlon.  Buy Phentermine Hcl 37.5Mg Tablets

1st May: Leicester Sprint Triathlon, Great Glen, Leicester

a great pool-based Sprint distance race, right on our doorstep.

21st May: Outlaw -Half Middle distance, Nottingham

Again another race that is popular with LTC members.

4th June: Bala Middle Distance

Buy Cheap Phentermine Online

17th June: Dambuster standard distance, Rutland Water

Buy Phentermine 37.5 Tablets Online

A few club members getting ready for Dambuster 2015

Another local race that attracts a whole herd of Zebra, and plenty of supporters from the club too. A great atmosphere.

2nd July: Outlaw Half Norfolk, Holkham Hall, North Norfolk

A relatively new Middle distance race, in the beautiful setting of Holkham Hall.  it was a great event last year, and promises to be even better in it’s second year.

16th July: Bosworth triathlon – LTC’s ADOPTED CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP RACES

This event includes a super-sprint, sprint, olympic and middle distance event all on the same day in this great venue. LTC members will be competing in various distances and results being included in an intra-club championship.  Details TBC!

23rd July: Outlaw Full distance, Nottingham

Popular with LTC members wanting to go the full distance. Our very own Craig Twigg is the current title-holder.

26th August: National Team Relay Champs

Phentermine 375 Online A fun sprint distance event done as a Relay (where each member of the team completes each section before moving on). Easy going and lots of fun.  Speak to Bee Furber or Ben Whitaker about putting your name down for a club team.

?26/27th August (TBC): Mid Sussex Triathlon

Standard/Middle Distance. A fun and informal weekend with the club. Speak to Martin Burder or Dave Gorley about the weekend. More information can be found at Cheapest Generic Phentermine

3rd September: Bala Standard Distance

Buy Cheap Phentermine Online The Club will be camping near the venue. Ask any of the committee for details, or check the club facebook page.

9th September – Vitruvian Middle distance, Rutland Water

Another popular race for LTC members – like the Dambutser you can rely on plenty of support from your fellow club members.

end of Sept (date TBC) : East Leake “End of Season” Triathlon

It is a local pool based sprint triathlon that usually has a big turn-out from LTC.  Buy Phentermine Hcl 37.5Mg Tablets

Phentermine Chicago

It’s always a good turnout from LTC for the East Leake triathlon races

Time Trials

As a club member you are able to take part in the local club time trials and open events.  There are events held during the Summer season on Tuesday night at Wolvey, and Thursday night at Six Hills.  They are a fast timed 10 mile route – really beneficial to improve your speed.

The club will be organising a number of informal training sessions to get you comfortable with the idea of Time Trials.  Ask Tiffany Mackness about them.

Keep checking back as we will add more events (running, triathlon, cycling, social) as the year goes on!