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Are you a new member, or thinking of joining the club? Why not come down and join us for a free taster training session? You are welcome to come along to any of our sessions and join us for free to meet a few of our members.

Most people who come to triathlon are least confident about their swimming so we suggest that they come along to one of our swim sessions on a Thursday evening at 8pm, at Braunstone leisure centre. This is when we have two swim sessions running consecutively in the pool – a coached technique session and an endurance swim session.  Consequently it is the busiest of our training sessions and many people arrive early beforehand to catch up with fellow club members and have a chat.  This makes it an ideal time for new members, or prospective new members, to come along and meet some of us and have a go at one of the swim sessions.  We gather in seating area in the foyer of the leisure centre from about 7.40pm.

You are of course welcome to come along to any of our training sessions for your free taster if you are not able to come along on a Thursday. Have a look at our Phentermine Online Doctor,  and see what sessions we have (if you click on the name of the session you will see a short description of the session and what you need to bring etc).

Leicester Tri club prides itself on being a friendly club and is a club with members of all abilities – from complete novices to multiple-ironman distance racers. It offers a wealth of experience and some great social training opportunities.

So – please don’t be shy, come and join the Zebras!