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Robin Flashman – in whose memory the race is named

The ‘Flashman’ is the Leicester Tri Club organised Sprint distance race which is named in memory of Robin Flashman, an active member of the club who was tragically killed in a traffic accident.

The Flashman, as a race organised by the club, is intended to be a great race for complete beginners and experienced racers alike.  You don’t need any fancy equipment, and we will have lots of friendly club members on hand to answer questions, help you get your race kit set up and cheer you all the way round the course.


The 2017 Race

Following the triumphant return of the race in 2016, in the new venue of Welbeck Defence College, LTC had hoped to hold the Flashman Sprint Triathlon there again in July 2017.  However, due to opposition from some residents local to the run route we have reluctantly decided to cancel the race.  We did consider trying to organise an alternative run route through Bradgate Park, but this would have necessitated two transition areas and would have made the demands of race logistics beyond the capabilities of the club.

We are already exploring other, new venues, and hope to be able to re-launch the Flashman again at a new venue in 2018.


To keep up-to-date with announcements and plans for the race visit the Race Facebook site:  ‘Flashman Sprint Triathlon’ Phentermine Diet Pills For Cheap