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Leicester Triathlon Club have a strong running section that train and compete throughout the year.

The Club compete in the Derby XC races, Leicester Road Running League and the North Mids XC League.

Duromine Phentermine 30Mg Buy - Buy Phentermine Pills 37.5

Derby XC races – organiser’s website Phentermine Online Doctor

11/10/15 – Markfield

22/11/15 – Bagworth

6/12/15 – Bradgate Park

10/1/16 – Allestree

31/1/16 – Gracedieu

21/2/16 – Lutterworth

13/3/16 – Holly Hayes


LRRL – Winter League- organiser’s website Phentermine Diet Pills For Cheap

17/01/2016      Markfield 10k

24/01/2016     Barrow 6

28/02/2016     Stilton 7

06/03/2016     Kibworth 6

27/03/2016     Desford 6


North Mids XC League – organisers website Order Phentermine 30 Mg

10/10/2015      Derby – Markeaton Park

14/11/2015       Corby – Glebe Park

05/12/2015      Shipley Park – Heanor

16/01/2016       Nottingham – Wollaton Park


LRRL – Summer League organiser’s website Where To Buy Phentermine In Memphis Tn

15/05/2016     Syston 8

22/05/2016    Gaddesby 7

05/06/2016    Swithland 6

06/07/2016    Hungarton 7

03/08/2016    Joy Cann 5

14/08/2016    Hermitage 10k

04/09/2016   John Fraser 10


For any information on the running section please contact (via Facebook):

Derby Runner – Paul or Ann Pearce
North Mids – Claire Shea Simonds
LRRL  – Jeremy Pauls