Committee Members

The committee are elected at the AGM each December for the duration of the forthcoming year. Any current member can be elected to a committee position at the AGM with the support of two members (one proposing and the other seconding).

The current (2017) committee members are:

Club Chairman

Rod Hockin

Club Secretary

Sarah Baillon

Membership Sec

Bee Furber


Sam Jones

   Sarah Zebra hat    sam

Men’s Captain

Gareth Thurman

 Women’s Captain

Sadie Murphy

Welfare Officer

Katrina Kemp

 Head Coach

Dave Gorley

     Kat (204x262)  

 Race Director

Andrew Wilkins

 Club Kit

Andrew Wilkins

 Social Secretary

Tiffany Saunders

 Andy (851x1280)    

Ordinary members:

Ross Clement


Andrew Picknell


Sarah Orchard

Sarah Bosworth

 Ross (960x720)    Ginge  sarah bosworth

Contacts and any questions

Please feel free to contact the Club Secretary

Sarah Baillon:

Or for questions about membership contact the Membership Secretary:

Bee Furber: