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Rod Hockin

Club Secretary (All General Enquiries)
Sarah Baillon (Phentermine Online Doctor)

Men’s Club Captain
Ben Whitaker

Women’s Club Captain
Bee Furber

Head Coaching Coordinator
Kieron Ford

Membership Secretary
Michele Lattimore (Phentermine Diet Pills For Cheap)

Samantha Jones

Events Officer
Andrew Hunter

Club Website
Ross Clement (

Running Section Organisers
Jeremy PaulsĀ – Road League
Claire Shea-Simonds – North Mids X Country
Ann & Paul Pearce – Derby Runner

Leicester Triathlon Junior Section
Terry Withington

Club Welfare Officer
Katrina Kemp

Club Kitman
Gareth Thurman

Ordinary Committee Members
Ross Clement, Jack Hague, Sarah Orchard, and Sarah Bosworth